What happened….

I’ve been neglectful of my blog for the past year (or has it been nearly two)and for that I apologize. I had no idea life would become so mixed up and crazy busy in a relatively short span of time. So what happened? I wouldn’t be doing my site justice if I simply put words upon the page and left the imagery up to you so here we go…

Eye AmEye Am 

I completed this series while in photography school.  I interviewed and photographed 75 different people and then compliled a panel of 18 images (this is one) that when displayed measured 9′ wide by 22″ high.

IMG-3377Manifestation?  Luck?  Coincidence?

Call it what you will, but during a very difficult period in my life I would often think that if I ever decided to leave my marital home I had two basic requirements for a place to live: a three bedroom house with a small yard for my dog to enjoy.  That was it.  On the “wouldn’t it be nice if…” list was a screened porch.  On the “in your dreams” list was a home by the water.  Sixteen months ago I found that home with three bedrooms and a small yard….and the screened porch…on the bank of a beautiful river.  To me – God was listening to my heart.  Others may say differently but God heard my heart and when I was ready, he placed a beautiful home in my path.  For that, I am truly thankful.


I took an extra year to strengthen my portfolio and was immensely glad I did.  In that extra year, I learned that I could produce art and not just photographs.  And at the exhibit opening, it was clear that I had produced art.  My photos were well received and what a pleasure it is to stand back and watch strangers linger over the work of art I had produced.  It gave me the boost I needed to believe that I could produce photographic art.

color tri pic

Photo composite from the Chihuly Garden & Glass Museum


I enjoyed a quick trip to Seattle, WA for a photo expedition.  While there we toured the Chihuly Garden & Glass Museum.  Nothing like viewing another artist’s work to inspire me to create art of my own.


This by far was the most exciting event that changed my life forever…the birth of my first grandchild.  The moment I held that child in my arms, my life forever changed.  I never quite understood my own mother’s choice to sacrifice her golden years to raise my sister’s children until the moment I held my own grandchild in my arms.   The love I felt for him was instantaneous and as all encompassing as the love I feel for my own children.

IMG_2805An Ending with a New Beginning

After more than 30 years of marriage, my husband and I chose to end our marriage.  It was not an easy decision but one that also was a decision to experience hope for a happier future.  Our relationship isn’t volatile.  It is one of mutual respect and friendship. Though we may no longer share the same household, we have not dismissed the commitment to our family.  Our family unit is a separate entity – one separate from our marriage.  We have the opportunity to break the mold for divorced couples – to form a new family dynamic in which divorced parents can still share birthday celebrations and the accomplishments of their children together.  The “happily ever after” fairy tale ending just looks different for our family.

My View…FoundIMG_9678

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  1. Thank you Sharon, for a beautiful ‘catch-up’ post. I’ll look forward to seeing your new home… and more photos! Particularly love that last one -the peacefulness is palpable!

  2. Great blog. Miss you. Let’s plan to get together

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