Hawaii – Kauai

What can I say here that cannot be expressed in imagery?  Only that I am in love with the great state of Hawaii, even more so the island of Kauai.  I have never been to a place that is not only breathtakingly beautiful, but has an energy that overcomes my emotions, my mind and my senses.   Quite often, when I sit on the beach and watch the moon setting or the sun rising I am awestruck and nearly moved to tears.  It is a feeling that cannot be expressed in words or photos but one that can only be experienced.  One has to be open to the energy that is present on Kauai to experience it…maybe these photos will lead you to this beautiful island and find you experiencing it with reverence.

And honestly, set your alarm to get up before dawn, ask the hotel for a flashlight, grab a bottle of water and raincoat and go to the east side of the island and watch the sun rise….it’s utterly amazing.

The photos will, with any luck, travel the coast of Kauai starting from the northern most point accessible by car and head east.  My next trip back I hope to hike Hanakapi’ai Trail located at Ke’e Beach.  I’ve heard the view from there is spectacular.

I’ve tried to identify the beaches and landmarks,  and in the description add a link whenever possible.

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